Presidents and Principals
          The President is appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach.  The President's role is one of  leadership, service, and commitment to the total Cardinal Newman High School community.  The overall direction of the school's policies and events insuring the mission, philosophy, and objectives of its educational endeavors and the implementation of the spirit of the priesthood as well as the Diocese of Palm Beach are the responsibilities of the President.  Specific responsibilities include admissions, development, finances, athletics, and the Cardinal Newman Board of Advisors.

          Fr. Carr has served as President of Cardinal Newman High School since 1995.  Ordained a priest in 1980, Fr. Carr is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, and 
Florida Atlantic University; he is an Ed.D. candidate at FAU.  

     The Principal is named by the President and, after appropriate consultation, is appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach. 
     The Principal is primarily responsible for the internal administration and supervision of the academic personnel, academic programs, and procedures.  It is the Principal's responsibility to administer all school policies and to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of Cardinal Newman High School.  Specific responsibilities include curriculum development, scheduling, faculty recruitment, student services, and the Home-School association.

Past Presidents
Rev. Leslie Cann
1961 - 1970
Rev. Frank Curley, OMI
1970 - 1991

Past Principals
Sr. Mary Estelle Driscoll, O.P.
1961 - 1967
Rev. George Croft (Boys' Division)
1965 - 1970
Sr. Thomas James Burns, O.P.
1967 - 1979

Mr. Thomas Bornhorst
1979 - 1981
Ms. Colleen Courtney
1981 - 1995
Mr. Joseph Dente
1995 - 1996
  Dr. Christine Higgins
John F. Clarke
2000 - 2012
Dr. Christine Higgins