Club Information



The Art Club is open to any student interested in artistic expression.  Students provide service needed to the school in the various areas of art, including seasonal projects throughout the year.


The Cardinal Newman News Club is responsible for presenting the weekly announcements, from sports events to morning call-downs, to the entire student body along with the faculty and staff. The club is also in charge of the training of students in not only their public speaking, but also their knowledge for the development of a live newscast. This includes, but is not limited to, the operation of news cameras, the development of graphics and supers, the set up and maintenance of audio and lighting, along with student teamwork, to create spectacular live broadcasts for the entire school to watch and enjoy.


This club is open to all students who wish to play the game of chess.  Players of all levels of expertise, including beginners, are welcome to join.  Players are given the opportunity to arrange to play after school, in the library, Monday thru Thursday, outside of the formal meeting times.


The Fashion Club is a national high school program created to inspire and mentor students interested in pursuing careers in the creative industries of fashion, graphics, social media, interior design, digital media, and entertainment.

Debate Team

The award winning Cardinal Newman Debate Team offers students the opportunity to hone their writing, speaking, and acting skills in an exciting public forum with a dynamic group of peers.The team affords many opportunities to visit other high school campuses and meet other high school students from their community, as well as opportunities to travel to out-of-state competitions. Participation in formal debate is an excellent way to develop skills in writing, public speaking, and constructive argument. Speech and debate events give students an opportunity to develop their understating of current political and cultural affairs while allowing a public platform for presenting their own legislation. The development and practice of these skills serve students well in all academic and future career applications. Students who excel at the monthly tournaments are awarded prizes in recognition of their achievement, and competitors of distinction may travel to competitions on the district, state, and national level. 


The Newman Players

This club promotes interest and seeks to develop ability in the dramatic art of theater.  It is open to any student with a desire to be involved in theatrical performance either on stage or in a technical capacity.  Major roles are by audition; incidental parts are open to all without audition. Meetings are monthly with increased participation required for major performances.


This chapter, Sainte Thérèse de Lisieux, is an honorary organization of the Secondary Schools of America.  Selected sophomores, juniors or seniors actively engaged in the study of the French language and culture are eligible for acceptance.  Candidates must maintain an B+ average or higher in their regular French classes and a B average in their French Honor classes, during their two consecutive years of studying French at Cardinal Newman High School.  They must also have a 3.00 GPA. Students inducted in their sophomore year are required to continue on to the next level of French. Candidates are selected on the basis of academics, leadership, character, and service.  Although membership is by selection, the Société Honaire de Francais (French Honor Society) does function as a club in promoting scholastic achievement as well as school and community service.


The Green Club is an organization dedicated to the enrichment of science at Cardinal Newman High School.  Members will participate in organizing campus recycling, science tutoring, and can participate in Science Fair competitions.  It is a student run organization, where they are responsible for and will take a hands-on approach to increasing science and environmental awareness on school grounds.  Due to the efforts of this club, Cardinal Newman High School has been recognized as a Green School of Quality.


This club is a service organization which has as its objective the development of initiative and leadership among its members.  The Key Club provides experience in working together and serving the school and local community.


The Life Club combines the previous Life Force and PALS Clubs. The objective of the Life Club is to honor life from conception to natural death, and to foster virtue, in particular, the virtue of chastity.  Key attributes are prayer, formation, service, and friendship.  Major activities from its predecessor clubs, such as prayer for life at the Palm Beach County Courthouse and on the sidewalk outside the cathedral, the Dance with Seniors at the Lourdes Noreen McKeen facility, and the college trip to Ave Maria University, will be continue to be sponsored by the Life Club. A new LIFE activity being expanded as a service opportunity will be carrying out one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy; that is, “praying for the living and the dead.”  LIFE members will be able to earn service hours when, as a club, once a month before school and after school, they pray the rosary in the Cardinal Newman chapel for the living and the dead. In addition to prayer activities, LIFE will meet once a month before school and once a month after school.  The meetings will focus on pro-life and chastity formation.


This club provides a means of self-expression to students (and other interested contributors) through creative poetry, essays, short stories, doodles, drawings, and photography.  We encourage students, alumni and faculty alike to offer work for publication.  The magazine, entitled Illuminated Manuscript will showcase the best that we have to offer.


To be eligible for induction into the National Debate Honor Society at Cardinal Newman High School, a student must have a minimum of 50 total NSDA points, no school disciplinary referrals for Debate class or competition, and a weighted GPA of at least 3.0 overall (with at least a B/80% in the Debate class if the class is taken). Students must also pay their annual dues of $25 and attend at least 3 meetings per semester (officers at least 4 meetings per semester). Seniors in the National Debate Honor Society who meet these requirements will be permitted to wear the NSDA Honor Cord at graduation.


The CARDINAL NEWMAN HIGH SCHOOL COMPONENT of the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is an honorary service organization of students. Cardinal Newman High School follows the by-laws, rules and regulations created by the National Honor Society.  Membership is by selection; students are invited to complete an informational form in either their sophomore, junior or senior year.  Juniors and Seniors are inducted in the fall; Juniors and Sophomores are inducted in the spring.  Students are selected by a faculty committee on the basis of scholarship (3.50 GPA), leadership, character and service. Once a member, in order to maintain active status in the National Honor Society, a student must maintain a minimum 3.50 GPA as well as participate in community and school events.  Although membership is by selection, The Cardinal Newman High School Honor Society does function as a club in promoting scholastic achievement as well as school and community service.


The Pep Club is a group of students who work to increase school spirit.  The Pep Club works diligently to support all of the school’s athletic teams.  Each season, fall, winter and spring, the Pep Club decorates the school with team posters and more. The Pep Club meets one to two times a month.


The Robotics Club is new for the 2014-2015 school year.  Members will explore options and set goals.  They will have the opportunity to apply science concepts, cultivate problem solving and team building skills as they develop the club.


This organization fosters an interest and better understanding of American business enterprise.  Through career speakers, leadership conferences, and fund-raisers, the Young Entrepreneurs Club teaches students to understand the business world so as to prepare them for life after high school.


This vital branch of the school community serves as a liaison between the students and the administration.  This organization also provides a forum for student expression.  Participation requires appropriate attendance and disciplinary standing as determined by Administration.


 The four class divisions are each served by a four-member leadership team.  The offices of President, Vice-President, and Secretary are elected positions, while the position of Treasurer is an appointed/elected position.  Elections for senior, junior and sophomore class officers are held in the Spring of the preceding year, while freshman class officers are elected in September.  The class moderator may appoint the Treasurer after consultation with the outgoing and incoming officers as well as with the Office of Student Life. One student is chosen from each homeroom to be the Homeroom Representative. These representatives should be at meetings and participate in activities.

Students wishing to run for Student Government and/or senior class offices must have prior leadership experience in a Cardinal Newman High School organization.



1.                  A candidate must possess a 2.3 GPA and must be passing in six courses.
2.                  The candidate must not have received a less-than-satisfactory conduct grade twice from more than one teacher this year.  (One less-than-satisfactory conduct grade from different teachers does not prevent a student from running for office)
3.                  A good attendance and tardy record (to be determined by the Assistant Principal/Office of Student Life) prior to and throughout the term of office.
4.                  Approval of the Class/Club moderator, the Dean of Students, and the Assistant Principal for Student Life.  
5.                  No student may run for or hold an office while on disciplinary probation.
6.                  Once elected, a class/club officer is expected to maintain the same standards that are outlined above.  Failure to do so may result in the officer being placed on probation or removed from office.  Moderators will provide a list of duties to all students interested in seeking office.
Students wishing to run for Student Government and/or Senior class offices must have prior leadership experience in a Cardinal Newman High School organization as follows:
Student Council President – One (1) year as Student Council officer or two (2) years as Student Government officer (class level)

Student Council Vice-President – One (1) year as Student Council officer or one (1) year as Student Government officer (class level)

A student must be a rising senior to apply for either of the two above positions.

Students wishing to hold an office in a class or club should realize the following:

1.                  A student may serve as President of only one club or class per year.  A student may serve as an officer in more than one club only with the approval of the moderators involved and the Office of Student Life.
2.                  Campaign posters are to be designed in good taste and require the approval of the class/club moderator prior to distribution.
3.                  An officer may be required to enroll in the Leadership class.
4.                  Students elected to office must maintain the required 2.3 GPA, remain in good disciplinary standing, and complete all service requirements by the assigned deadlines. Failure to do so may result in removal from office

If an officer fails to discharge his or her assigned responsibilities in an adequate fashion, he or she may be removed from office.  In such a case, the moderator and other officers will first issue a warning.  If the warning fails to secure the desired effect and the officer in question continues to neglect his or her duties, he/she can be removed from office by a majority vote of the moderator and fellow officers.  The moderator, as always, maintains the right of veto.


Other activities are initiated as need and interests arise.  Usually new activities are suggested by members of the student body.  All such requests are directed to the Office of Student Life. Cardinal Newman High School assumes no responsibility for activities not approved by the school Administration.  No post-prom or post-graduation parties or private trips are sponsored by Cardinal Newman High School.  Simply put, it is the policy of Cardinal Newman High School to not conduct, approve, or support any private trips.  Students who organize private trips may not involve the name or the property of Cardinal Newman High School in any aspect of their private activity.  Cardinal Newman High School assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the quality, safety, or reputability of any such privately organized trip.  The involvement of Cardinal Newman High School in any such privately organized trip is a serious action, rendering the student liable to very serious disciplinary action, including expulsion.