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Crusader Testimonials...

"Beginning as an idea, my parents and I went to view the annual Cardinal Newman Open House. Immediately upon entering campus, the warm family environment could be felt. A student government representative led a tour where we got to view the grounds, many club/sport presentation tables, and the Dance Ensemble.

Ever since preschool, I've had dance training. A dance program was mandatory for my future high school. Everything became simple within a second. Including family decisions, like my father who had been making a commute for three years from Hollywood to Jupiter every day and I wanted to see him more frequently. After considering everything, the decision was easy. This choice did not leave only me full of happiness. My mother gets to be more involved at school due to the diverse opportunities Cardinal Newman offers to contribute in events.

Now that I am here, as a small school, the majority of people concern themselves with the well-being of students in and outside the classroom. Our moral education allows us to practice a universal well-mannered behavior. Also, as a catholic school, we can practice our beliefs on a daily basis, which brings hope to those in need. Apart from the Administration, the Newman family includes coaches, teachers, and staff members and depending on the day, this close knit family, will represent every role of your relatives and will come together to be there for you in whatever situation you may need help with.

My story is only one of hundreds that come seeking knowledge. With all these in mind and with the future in front of us, I encourage all to join our scholars as we continue our best to excel."
AnnaMarie Palumbo '19

"We dropped Juliet off at Auburn University last Friday and she is thrilled to start the final part of her academic journey.  I know that Cardinal Newman played a huge part in how prepared she is for college, both academically and socially. I am grateful for the Cardinal Newman family and their efforts."
The Mikus Family/Juliet '17

"We are so pleased our daughter chose to attend Cardinal Newman!  Her transition to high school was much easier than she expected because teachers and administrators were very helpful and upperclassmen were very welcoming.  She found her coursework challenging yet manageable, and she enjoyed getting to know other students through band, clubs, and athletics.  We look forward to our daughter continuing to have a well-rounded and fulfilling experience at Cardinal Newman through her senior year."
CN Parent – Class of 2020