Honor Code Pledge
The Honor Code Pledge, its explanation, procedures, and sanctions for violations are outlined below. The student's signature of acceptance of the pledge, as well as the parents' acknowledgment of this, appear on the Emergency Card to be kept on file. The Pledge is to appear on every test for the student to sign. Teachers may, if they choose, require students to sign the pledge on any other assignment as well.

Honor Code Pledge

As a member of the Cardinal Newman community, I pledge to be a person of integrity. I will neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance in any academic exercise.

Explanation of the Honor Code

Cardinal Newman High School's mission is to educate the whole person: body, mind, and spirit, according to the gospel values of Jesus. As a Catholic high school, Cardinal Newman strives to uphold Christian values and to embody our mission statement. Responsibility, respect for self and others, regard for the welfare of the community, pride in accomplishments, and the rights of everyone, involve each of us being persons of integrity whose actions demonstrate this commitment.

Any actions, whether intentional or unintentional, which disregard honesty, diminish the integrity of both the individual and the community. Moreover, such actions do not give the teacher the opportunity to evaluate the student fairly or offer assistance when it is needed. They also deprive the student of a valid learning experience which is crucial to educating the whole person.

While a member of the Cardinal Newman community, each student is expected to conduct himself/herself with integrity and to uphold the Honor Code. Though not exhaustive, the following represent examples of actions which violate the Honor Code:
  • Cheating: Copying work or giving your own work to another; unauthorized use of study aids or collaboration during testing; obtaining or distributing copies of testing materials; giving or receiving information regarding a test before, during, or after the test.

  • Plagiarism: Representing others' ideas or expressions, whether published or unpublished, as your own without proper citation of credit.

  • Falsifying data / citations: Buying, selling, giving, or receiving term papers, notebooks, or the like, from any source, including the Internet.

  • Fabricating academic documentation (e.g., letters of reference).

  • Abuse of Media Center privileges: Defacing books or other library materials; failing to return overdue books, thus depriving others of their use.

  • Purposeful destruction, theft, or misuse of electronic media (computer hardware or software).

  • Lying to an administrator or teacher during investigations of academic dishonesty.

Procedures / Sanctions for Honor Code Violations

In issues concerning the Honor Code, the teacher will initially speak with the student to ascertain the facts. The details of this conversation, as well as the facts which are discussed, will be reported in writing. All materials pertinent to the situation will be given to the Administrator in charge. The Administrator will meet with the student to make a determination regarding the upholding of the Honor Code Pledge. If at this meeting it is determined that the student has violated the Honor Code, the appropriate remedies apply. Violations will be reviewed at the weekly Administration/Guidance/Ministry meeting.

While a student at Cardinal Newman High School, in cases where it is determined that a student has violated the Honor Code, the following will apply:
  • For a first offense, the student receives a zero on the assignment with no opportunity for make-up. The student's parents/guardians are advised that the student has violated the Honor Code.

  • For a second offense, all as in #1 above, plus a one-day suspension. In addition, the student must relinquish any/all leadership positions (e.g., class or club officer, athletic captain) for a period of one calendar year from the date of the second offense.

  • For a third offense, all as in #1 above, plus a five-day suspension. In addition, the student is henceforth ineligible for any leadership position while at Cardinal Newman.

  • For a fourth offense, all as in #1 above, and dismissal from Cardinal Newman.